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Automation tools don’t fix bad processes DevOps-трансформация

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So often, organizations working to adopt DevOps initially focus on selecting tools and manipulating their choices to automate bad practices hoping to maximize efficiency. Automation is the easy part. But without culture transformation and process optimization, an organization will never realize their true potential. Optimizing the system as a whole – a system made up of people, processes and tools - means reviewing, questioning and potentially changing how things are across the entire lifecycle. During this meetup, let’s collaborate on techniques to change culture, the value of mapping the value stream, and the automation tools available to help.

Al Wagner

Al Wagner is an HCL Software Transformation Architect and DevOps enthusiast with more than twenty years of practical field experience in development roles driving thought leadership, strategic initiatives, and tangible solutions around DevOps and continuous delivery. Focusing primarily on value stream management, deployment automation, and continuous testing, Al has practical knowledge of the HCL DevOps solution having assisted, mentored, and enabled client teams to help solve their IT challenges. He has spoken at numerous conferences around the world on software development – principles & techniques - and authored/co-authored numerous papers and books including Application Release and Deployment For Dummies, Continuous Testing For Dummies, and Service Virtualization For Dummies.

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