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Everything as Code – Stop Clicking, Start Committing DevOps-трансформация

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Keeping track of infrastructure, operational tasks, and configuration (among other things) can be a daunting tasks to accomplish in this modern Elastic/Cloud world. Clicking on a Console or a Wizard does not give us the flexibility and speed at scale. If we start treating everything as code, and that everything being Infrastructure, Configuration, Application Deployment, and Operations, we can ensure to have repeatable, testable and secure ways of running our applications. In this session we will see how can we orchestrate all of this, and manage our workloads with a text editor and git. Its time to stop clicking and start committing.

Darko Meszaros

Darko Mesaroš is a Solutions Architect working for AWS in Berlin, Germany. As a SA within AWS, he helps shape the strategy and enable the broad use of Amazon's utility computing web services by directly working with customers. Darko owns the technical engagement and defining implementation architectures, developing deep expertise in the AWS technologies aswell as broad know-how about how applications and services are constructed using the AWS platform. Darko is an avid collector of old Computers and Video Games. He comes from Subotica, Serbia.

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