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DevOps Strategy Canvas DevOps-трансформация

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DevOps is often perceived to be a technology centric topic. The struggle of aligning IT and Business on a shared understanding of DevOps is real. Without this alignment many DevOps transformation initiative fail to deliver desired outcomes. A DevOps strategy brings the biz-tech alignment to life. It helps to encapsulate gory technical details into business friendly language. In this session, we will explore a structured approach to create your own DevOps strategy using the DevOps Strategy Canvas. The canvas is an innovative tool for creating a shared vision and unlocking the promise of DevOps across the enterprise.

Sandeep Joshi
Author of DevOps Strategy Canvas

Visionary Technology leader bringing over 20 years of experience in leading & advising enterprises through Agile, DevOps and Digital transformations across diverse industries globally. Recognised for talents in strategy development, digital innovations, technology modernisation and thought leadership.

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